Becoming a Mum is an amazing time but it can also means a big change in your lifestyle, bodyshape and a whole new identity- All of which can seriously knock your self esteem and present a whole host of new style dilemmas! 

Whilst you are likely to get back into those pre-pregnancy clothes, many mums find their style changes. Practicality becomes more important and clothes that don't show every bit of baby dribble and sick! If you are breast feeding, easy access clothes become a staple in your wardrobe. Your make up routine also becomes more of a slap and dash! 

However being a Mum doesn't mean that you need to hide away or remain in those pregnancy clothes. Give your confidence a boost and book a colour or style consultation. 

This would also make a lovely gift for a new mum.  


£120 3 Hour Colour Consultation

£120 3 Hour Style Consultation 

Or book onto one of our "Mums Workshops" - These are run in a small group of 6-10 people and cost £29 per person. A variety of advice workshops are featured. Please visit our "Workshops" tab for more information 





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