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If you have clothes sitting in your wardrobe that you don't wear, struggle with where to shop because nothing ever fits you, or is it time for a fresh new approach following a lifestyle change (Health, Diet, Marriage breakup)

We will show you how to make the right choices before making a purchase. Help to choose the right shapes to suit your lifestyle, budget and bodyshape. Whether it be an outfit for a special occasion, some casual looks for lunch with the girls or some powerful corporate attire, you will be left with the confidence to save you time and money. 

Let us take you to the right shops to suit your style personality and budget. If we can't find them on the High street, we will find it online and have the items delivered to your door! 

Understand how to mix and match outfits and use accessories to update your look. 

We recommend to get the most out of your Personal Shopping, that you twin it with a 'My Style' and 'My Colours' consultation. 

You deserve to look effortlessly fabulous! 

Prices: £100 for 2 hours (Longer consultation available)

Personal Shopping

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