On the most important day of you life, learn how to look and feel your best.

  • We can advise you on which Shape Wedding dress will be the most flattering for your special day. Its so hard to choose! 
  • We tell you what colour dress to buy (You'll be suprised at the difference White and Crea makes!)
  • We help you choose the style of your dress (There are hundreds!)
  • Identify your most flattering shades of fabrics and colours to ensure you look your absolute best. We will determine the right cut, neckline, shape, fabric and dress detailing which will flatter your shape best.
  • Help you create a Moodboard of Pictures of dresses and accessories that suit you
  • Help you choose a Hairstyle that flatters your faceshape
  • Show you what colour makeup to wear to make you look youthful, slimmer and beautiful.
  • Advice on Flowers
  • Advice on Wedding Jewellery
  • Top tip Worksheets on What to pack for your Honeymoon
  • We can also help you book your invitations, Make up and Hair appointments with some amazing local experts 

Help is also on hand for the Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom, the Groom, the Bridesmaids or anyone else requiring bridal styling guidance for the day.

A bridal consultation will take place over half a day. 

Packages can be tailor made to meet individual requirements.

Price - £250

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