About Us

Having spent all of my teens and 20's not knowing what clothes suited me, what shapes to wear and a wardrobe (or two!) full of clothes that I never wore, I decided to take action! I had my own style consultation done and without sounding too cliche, it honestly changed my life. I finally had the direction that I needed. I began to feel more confident with myself and I finally understood that fashion is not just about trends but finding what style suited me.

This led me onto a journey of discovery. I began talking to other women and found that it wasn't just me that struggled to find the right style and shapes. I was also not alone with my lack of confidence. Thats where 'Before Meets After' all began.

Having worked abroad for 5 years, I now live in the beautiful quiet village of Castlethorpe, Milton Keynes with my husband and two children.

My company is not just about helping you with what looks good but what makes you. How you can make small changes to become a more confident you. This could be help with your bodyshape, looking at what colours make you look amazing, a practical make up session looking at colours and techniques, a declutter of your wardrobe, personal shopping or if you are anything like me a bit of all of this!

I am also a qualified financial adviser and run a money coaching business called The Money Panel. Please come and visit me to be more confident with money www.themoneypanel.co.uk

Be Yourself But Better

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